Our Process


A preliminary design meeting with you, your architect, and key personnel. This meeting is to establish the general direction for the space plan, color options, furniture style, floorings, wall and window treatments and budgetary needs of your home or office.

The final design meeting is a culmination of ideas discussed during the first meeting. This meeting will fine-tune color, fabrics and textures, furniture style, lighting, etc. J. B. Izatt Design will supply you with color boards, space plans, renderings, paint and wall samples, layouts and other necessary items to ensure that your design needs will be met.



All bids include installation by a qualified contractor, carpenter, installer, upholsterer, etc. Should you wish to use your own contractors and installers, J. B. lzatt Design will not be responsible for the workmanship of firms selected and hired by the client.



At J. B. lzatt Design, we are proud of our purchasing "know-how." We deal with some of the finest furniture manufacturers in the nation and are able to provide excellent furnishings to our clients at the best possible prices where our clients are able to purchase direct from factories and dealers. We will gladly help to coordinate those purchases with your design plans. In this case, a consulting fee will be charged to the client.



Upon selecting J. B. lzatt Design to fulfill your design needs, a proposal will be written and submitted for your approval. When approved, a deposit will be required to begin work. Large jobs may require several proposals to complete the project. ALL proposals will be submitted for approval before undertaking a particular phase of the project. The balance owing on each proposal will become due upon completion of the project.